How To Find out Everything There Is toknow About vanilla visa card

How To Find out Everything There Is toknow About vanilla visa card

A drop of sweat slides down her spine. The windows work like a magnifying glass, and your client starts to get (very) hot. In summer, with a little luck, your client will think of three things: the sun, the sea and the beach. Always nice, but how do you get this customer to think of you during this tumultuous time of summer? Make sure you can get attention with your summer promotions.

Here are some exciting ideas for you.

  1. Promotional thermometer: the hotter it gets, the better!

For many customers, it is the promotions that you post that motivate them to return to your store. Use your promotions in a more fun way, and change them for example according to the temperature. Whatever you sell: the hotter it gets, the less expensive your products will be. A great idea!

  1. Offer sunglasses

Stay the Top of Mind brand with your customers this summer: distribute sunglasses with your logo in your store or at events! Printed sunglasses are a great inexpensive and really popular gift. The best promotional gift is the one that is used the most. My vanilla card balance card is also a handsome option to choose for.

  1. Refresh your customers with free lemonade!

On very hot days, the most important thing that everyone thinks about is cooling off. Improvise a refreshment bar and refresh your customers with a glass of iced lemonade! You can design one with billboards, or with printed PVC sheeting hung in front of a table.

  1. Organize a contest: win a powerbank

As soon as the weather is mild, you only think about one thing: being outside. In the park, in the forest, at the sea: as long as you can relax. And during moments of relaxation, you cannot do without your gadgets: phones, tablets, and more. So offer energy to your customers when they need it thanks to a powerbank! Perfect for ensuring that your brand remains visible at all times.

  1. Let your air conditioner know

When it is so hot that the bitumen melts under your shoes, it is high time to avoid the heat, and therefore the street. Do you have an air conditioner in your store? So indicate it with a sidewalk stopper for example. Guaranteed effect: you can be sure that your store will receive more customers.

  1. Idea for events: exchange your wet t-shirt for a new t-shirt!

At the time of the summer months there happens to be always a festival, exhibition or other outdoor event in which you can participate. A moment to cut yourself off from the world and get lost in the festivities. And it’s nice to feel fresh at such a time. Stand out with your brand and distribute free T-shirts! The perfect situation: festival-goers will be delighted to wear a brand-new t-shirt, and your brand will quickly spread across the festival grounds.